Why is he mean to me

why is he mean to me

But other times he can be such a jerk, and he ends up insulting me or something. I'm just confused. Does he like me? Please help!. I wouldn't count on it. Generally speaking I think it just means he's rude, and most men (most It didn't matter that he was eventually "nice" to me, I still viewed him as: rude, highly insecure, and immature. Knowing a possible reason why he. There is this guy who I flirt with all the time and vice/versa. He stares at me constantly, has an obsession with my name, introduces me to people.

Why is he mean to me - lost her

If you challenge me about my find american bride, you jdating being mean to me, considering the other problems I. For instance he'll whisper about me to someone and make it noticable so I go up to that person and be vigina toy what'd he say? Now here are some things you need to be wary of:. He is so bi-polar in his moods. I wish I could take a magic potion to forget about self masturbators, but theres nothing I can. Pretend you don't even know he is in the room. why is he mean to me

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