How to finger yourself men

how to finger yourself men

If you've trained yourself to be more of a giver than a receiver, then it's . “For even better access to the male G-spot, she can insert a finger into. I will assume that the average male prostate gland is somewhere between the size of a chestnut and walnut. CLEAN YOURSELF Have your lover pat on your prostate with their finger pad back and forth, not up and down. A while earlier I asked a question if it was gay to finger yourself in the Of course, I'll like to hear some answer from guys who have done this  Is it gay, because i finger myself?. how to finger yourself men Why don't you ask a family member or the nurse:mute. Alternatively just don't poke your finger up your flippin *******! It's just not natural. Just incase this is relevant I am a 15 year old male. Well It's not a phoebia but I have yet to finger myself, and I would like to get past this so I. You guys are REALLLY missing out if you're not fingering yourself when Make sure you move your finger fast, up and down or side to side.


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