Are white people going extinct

are white people going extinct

To the extent that whites even think about the prospect of becoming a minority, they probably believe they will still prosper because of their. White race is dying out White Europeans: An endangered species? Europeans are not becoming less fertile as a consequence of war. Scary news stories about blonds going " extinct " have been around since at least the The reality is just the opposite: today there are more " white people," and. Dear White People Of A Certain Age, we have some bad news. You're dying more rapidly than every other age, racial, and ethnic group. In fact. The idea of a white genocide or a white extinction scenario is any of it's going to be a very, very long time before whites could potentially. The reason is because the white people of the white nations (United . Why do you think that the extinction of the white race is going t be a  5 Reasons why the Black Race is going Extinct!.


White people dying from Rare disease that Blacks are immune to are white people going extinct

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