Amma massage therapy

amma massage therapy

AMMA Therapy (R) is an ancient system of healing which has origins dating back years to the period of. Amma Therapy (acupressure/ massage) has been used successfully to treat and/ or manage conditions such as sprains, strains, and fractures;. In Ancient Chinese the word Amma means push-pull, which describes the work of the massage therapist. Amma massage comes from the same philosophy that. Amma therapy techniques include both deep-tissue manipulation, that is used in other forms of therapeutic massage, and the stimulation of Qi. Amma Therapy does include a bodywork component - and it is much more than massage. Amma Therapy - Information on Amma Therapy including what it is, how to perform this type of therapy and what to expect during an Amma therapy session. amma massage therapy

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